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We pride ourselves on finding the right product for you and your business while providing insight and guidance on how to minimise your risk exposure. Lighthouse Insurance Brokers will tailor a full range of insurance solutions to the needs of your business; protecting you, your assets, your income and your lifestyle.

Why Choose Us?

  • VALUE – At LHIB, we source multiple quotes from various competitively priced policies.
  • SECURITY – Quotations from LHIB are sourced only from the most reputable insurance companies.
  • ACCESSIBILITY – We offer an Australia-wide service, ensuring that no matter where you are we have you covered.
  • FLEXIBILITY – We offer pay-by-the-month policies to assist with managing your business’s cash flow.
  • EFFICIENCY – We pride ourselves on fast, friendly & results driven service to help ensure your peace of mind.

The insurance market in Australia can be complicated. There are some fantastic insurance policies on the market, but unfortunately some are not-so-great.

Talk to our knowledgeable staff today to find out how to save on time, money and find the perfect solution for you.